How to Learn Vocabulary in English

How to Learn Vocabulary in English

Learn vocabularies in English, and it will not be difficult for you because I created a list of the most used in basic English, advanced English where you can practice them more easily, quickly and learn more suitably vocabularies. Best of all is that write with Spanish subtitles so you’ll know what you’re talking about. But note that to speak English also you have to think in English, so I try not to give much importance to translations in Spanish, but rather stay focused a lot on English sentences.

Age – edad/era
Air – aire
Animal – animal
Apple – manzana
Bank – banco
Bed – cama
Body – cuerpo
Bone – hueso
Baby – niño pequeño
Art – arte

How to Learn Vocabulary in English

The most important thing with these vocabularies is that you know the pronunciation, so if you have a video or audio lessons in English with these vocabularies will be better than you read and hear, so you can go retaining the words and above all can go capturing the pronunciation of the same.

Box – caja
Boy – muchacho
Bus – autobús
Call – llamada
Car – carro
Cat – gato
Chair – silla
City – ciudad
Class – clases
Circle – circulo

With each of these verbs, you can and compose short sentences, short dialogues and all that and you can do with the words you have learned. So you can start when you want to study these 20 super simple verbs, which are most commonly used in the language. Learning English opens doors open those doors to success you’ve always wanted. Millions of Spanish speaking people who have mastered the universal language as is English, because their jobs, their businesses, companies that hire them to need to master even a little this language to do business, not only benefit the company but all staff.

People who really want to achieve something in life and be good at it, it always manages as are consistent with what they do. If you are the people too lazy or do not have the desire to reach the top step of success, then everything will be left for later.

So is that to do not feel lazy or discouraged you’ll add 10 more vocabularies and take the challenge of aprendértelos and see that the end of the lesson you will feel like a successful and people desire to excel.

Color – color
Copy – copia
Cow – vaca
Corn – maíz
Day – día
Disc – disco
Distance – distancia
Disctionary – diccionario
Money – dinero
Compañy – compañía

We know that often come to us slumps where we do not want to keep doing something, but at that point where we have to change our mindset and say “I will not let the bad vibes and lock me in my head off” after taking about 5 little minutes of breaks you continue your struggle. To prevent this from happening is always good to work out your study routine, this routine can be fun, you can listen to music, watch funny videos that are in English and encourage you to study more easily.

Do not complicate long life with grammatical problems, that the wrath learns as you progress through the levels of basic English, but grammar is an important point in this area, this can be learned and put into practice when you’ve mastered more basic English.

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